3D Printer: Choosing One for Your Printing Business

If you have plans of starting your own 3D printing business, then be prepared to be overwhelmed with so many options available. This is because the 3D printing market has become so saturated and more than ever, there now more choices when it comes to choosing a 3D printer.

The type of printer that you will be needing should depend on the needs of your business. So, whether you are getting into 3D printing or you need carbon fiber replacements daily, there will always be a printer for you. Many people have this misconception that these printers cost tens to thousands of dollars. However, the fact is, there will always be a printer that will meet any budget without breaking the bank just to produce the needed results.


3D Printing Business

If you are still new in the printing business, a hobbyist or entry-level type of 3D printer can be your bet. If you do not have any involvement with the medium, you can have a test with additive manufacturing using a smaller and cheaper machine. With this, if it happens to break or if you decide that the business is not for you, there would be not so much regret as you did not lock up a significant amount of money. If you don’t have an exact application yet, an affordable printer will be a great starting point.

On the other hand, if you do not mind spending more, you can acquire a printer that would need maintenance and do a better job at printing compared to the entry-level ones. This type of printer is great to be used when printing for gaming models, school projects, or light commission work. Among the fast-growing areas in 3D printing is the commissioned prints for people who need jewelry, figurines, or other custom-made trinkets.


Small-Medium Sized Business

For smaller to mid-sized businesses that are doing some prototyping or has a demand for spare parts that are not so easy to find, a professional three-dimensional printer is the best one to use. This is a more durable type of printer and is specifically designed to print continuously without needing so much maintenance. It can also print so much faster and on a wider variety of filament types. For the print quality and resolution, they are a lot better compared to entry-level printers.


Specialized 3D Printing and Manufacturing Business

As days pass by, 3D printing has been meeting company needs and are considered to be one of the most profitable solutions for their printing needs. On the other hand, there are those companies that have exclusive requirements that only an industrial printer can fulfill. This type of printer is highly specialized like full-color or resin-based printers. Some companies have really big printers that are big enough to create homes through additive manufacturing and with the use of concrete instead of a plastic filament.

3D printing business really sounds promising but to get the best out of it and have profit, it is very important that you choose the right printer for your business.