3D Printing Trends

3D Printing Trends

3D printing is a groundbreaking concept of printing objects in their three-dimensional form out of a digital file. The 3D printing machine creates the objects by laying down the layers of material in succession. This innovative printing process has caught the attention of many industries as well as individuals with its futuristic implications.

3D printers have been used in the manufacturing industry, medical field, and even in the food industry. Artists, engineers, architectures, dentists, and other individuals have also taken advantage with the 3D printing technology. With the science and technology behind 3D printing, imagine its potentials and capabilities for the future. Here are the current trends of 3D printing:

3D Printing as a Service

The possibilities of 3D printing are endless, but many people are still hesitant to invest in the machine. Others are not willing to shell out a bulk of money for a professional 3D printing machine for their own use. These people prefer to pay companies who are offering the 3D printing service. This is in fact a growing market. In response, the number of companies offering this service is growing as well.

Open Source Objects

3D printed objects used to be just prototypes. However, today, they are becoming more functional, as the technology of 3D printing improves. 3D printers are now used in manufacturing not only prototypes and models products, but also durable and functional products. We are already seeing different products including clothing, guns, and food being 3D printed.

New Materials Being Used

3D printing has advanced greatly in the recent years and one of its remarkable developments are the materials used in printing objects. Thermoplastics and photopolymers are the major materials used in 3D printing, and over the years, they had major improvements. Scientists are developing more materials that can be used for 3D printing.

Materials are now betting stronger and more durable. Metals, glass, and ceramic are recent innovations that have greatly improved 3D printing. Human cells are now being used in the medical field to 3D print human tissues such as skin and bones. Doctors and scientists are currently pushing on 3D printing human body parts and organs to provide better healthcare services. The food industry is also using 3D printers to print food like chocolates and pizza.


Many researchers and scientists are still exploring the possibilities of 3D printers. More studies are being conducted to improve this technology in terms of the materials used, the finish, and durability of the output, the cost and its speed of production. Companies invest in further studies for this machine because of its potential. You could just imagine what 3D printing machines could print in the future. As long as this technology is used for the goodness and betterment of people’s lives, 3D printing machines are going to help improve our lives.