Functions of Deadbolts to secure your Homes

deadbolts lockCars are secured with Keyless Entry and Passive Entry Passive Start and so many other technologies. These kinds of locks guard cars and alert when someone tries to open the door! The same can be applied in securing our homes with the latest of Deadbolts, Electronic Locks and Fingerprint Access systems.

Even Police Departments recommend the usage of deadbolts, electronic locks and other such technologically superior devices. This leaves the thieves clueless and they may get stranded in the midst of an attempted burglary. As a customary practice, we initially may have to learn what is a deadbolt or a lock before delving into various details.

A door may be secured by a deadbolt which has a small piece of metal connecting the door and the frame or the walls whose size may vary according to different pieces. These are normally used in our neighborhood and very much in our own houses where we use a key or a knob to gain entry.

Deadbolts remained a simple mechanism for ages and when armed with technology deadbolts have become far superior in keeping secure homes. Superior technology and state-of-the-art advancements in technology have resulted in deadbolts turning electronic from their simple mechanical functioning and structure of the past.

Some of the Deadbolts today can lock someone’s key up inside, if the key is not the one which opens the door. The actual keys may then release the duplicate key used by a burglar. This leaves the burglar with so much of insecurity as he may not want a piece of evidence stuck in a lock.

Some Deadbolts tell you whether the door is locked or not. If someone may have forgotten to lock your home, your deadbolt may get automatically locked or you might use a dual cylinder deadbolt that comes with key on either side of the door. But Double Cylinders have a great disadvantage of preventing emergency exit during adversities like Fire and definitely are not advisable to be used in most places.

Look into your doors, analyze their breaking points and make them their stronger points. Anyone may open your doors using other methods though you secure your home in one way possible. You too may have to think in several ways before installing a deadlock. And professional assistance in setting up locks remains imperative.

The very old and aggressive method of kicking the door might let any technology fail, against force. Your doors must be force resistant as well as have bolts and locks that keep the door rock solid. Proper installation may do the trick of an unmovable and frustrating door for the burglars.

You may have to expend a little more to get the best qualitatively superior lock and ensure that the metal bolt is the length of an inch the least. Use strong metal doors which are highly efficient in securing your house. But do not fit glass on the doors wherein the burglar finds it easy to open the door by breaking the Glass. Only in such cases, you may use a double cylinder door lock but the usage of the same is not advised by both the law and the common sense.

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