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commercial air conditioner’s air filter replacement

If you asked a commercial air conditioning professional in Brisbane, what is the most important thing you could do for your air conditioner is, what do you think they’d say?

Get your furnace, vent, and air conditioning units inspected by a technician every year? Get your vents cleaned to keep the airway open? Get the refrigerant recharged on a routine basis? These are all important, but far from the most important thing to keeping your air conditioner blowing cold air all summer long, year after year.

If you want your air conditioner to last a long time, you need to do one simple thing. Replace your air filter on a routine basis!

Why replacing your air conditioner’s air filter is so important

Air filters have two main functions. First, they improve the air quality in your home. By removing the pollen, dandruff, and other gunk from your air, you will breathe easier and your home will have more of a “clean feeling.” If you have allergies, your air filter is a life saver.


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An air filter also keeps your air conditioner and furnace in tip-top shape longer than if it didn’t have the filter. When dust and other air particles build up in your air conditioner or furnace, the unit has to work extra hard to blow air through. This increases the amount of wear and tear it experiences as well the amount of energy it consumes.


Have you replaced your air filters within the past 3 months? Do you need an air filtering system installed?

Get an HVAC professional that will help you replace old, worn out filters with new, top of the line filters. They might even be able to teach you how to replace the filter yourself! Remember, filters should be changed about every 3 months to keep your system in good shape.

Do you need an air filtering system installed to improve the air in your commercial space? The commercial air conditioning in Brisbane professionals can do that to! HEPA, pleated, electronic, and electrostatic filters are a few of your filtering options. They also provide it with other maintenance as needed.

Your air filters are the lifeline to your commercial air conditioner. Replace your air conditioner’s air filter about every three months, and it will keep blowing clean, cold air for years to come.