Industrial machine repairs

Industrial Machine Repairs or Replacements: Which Is Better

Industrial machine repairs

When it comes to machinery damage and breakdown, facilities are often faced with two important choices: industrial machine repairs or replacements. Sometimes, the line gets blurred between this two; and deciding rightly is important to making the most out of the equipment. If you need a couple of pointers to use as references when making your decision, this article is for you. Consider these factors.

Scope of Damage

There are different types of damage and defects to industrial machinery, and the right intervention depends on the extent of the damage. For instance, if a certain component has broken down and affected the operational functionality of the other components, chances are a replacement will be better. But if the damage is isolated, repairing the defect may prove to be more beneficial. Similarly, you have to check if the damage will contribute to hazards and other workplace risks. In some instances, the damage may be already too big to be fixed by a simple repair job.


Age of Equipment

Product life should also be vetted prior to making your decision. Typically, if the equipment is still new, a repair will do more than what is necessary in getting it back in top condition. In addition, the warranty of the equipment may still stand and cover the costs for the repair.

But if you have had the machine for quite some time, replacing it can help make sure that you will not be facing the same need for repair a couple of months after. You see, when an old machine begins to break down, it will most probably continue breaking down until it can no longer be of any real service.



How much money you are willing to spend will also factor into making the right call. Replacements will cost more than industrial machine repairs, but this baseline figure should not be all that you need to consider what you ought to do. It is also helpful to analyse other cost considerations, such as possible upkeep fees, maintenance, and the likes.

Whether you’re opting for repairs or replacements, it is vital to make sure that you get the solution that you need from the right resource such as Maintenance Engineering Solutions. The right repair professional can help protect the equipment from needing more of the same repair in the future. Similarly, sourcing your industrial machinery from a trusted manufacturer will protect the value of the investment and help you maximise it to its full extent.