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Installing Security Doors: What to Consider

security doors

Security doors are some of the most important components in our home. First off, they are integral to enhancing our safety and protection inside our properties – especially as it is estimated that up to 70 percent of burglaries start with doors. In addition, they can enhance our home’s curb appeal, especially if we choose materials that complement our home’s existing theme and style. And they can also add to our home’s market value if we ever want to sell, since they are components that most would-be home buyers will want.

If you are in the process of adding or enhancing your security doors, installing them the right way is important to maximising their value. Mind these pointers.


Choose your material according to your requirements

There are a lot of security doors that you can choose from, and every single one of them is suited to specific goals and requirements. For instance, if you want something that looks great, a sliding security door may be what you’re looking for. Or if you want to up your home’s security, investing in a stainless steel core door is best.

At the end of the day, you should have a clear idea of what you want your security door to accomplish. And then from there, choose the materials that best correspond to fulfilling your needs.


Prepare the installation site accordingly

It is also important to make sure that the security door installation site is prepared well. Initial measurements must be made so that the rest of the installation will go smoothly. For instance, the frame to which the door will be attached must be reinforced so that it can properly support the weight of the whole door. Additionally, there should be little to no jimmying leverage around the door to prevent security risks.

Hire a good installer

Finally, make sure that your chosen installer is of good quality, such as the team from Strong Ox. They should be certified or registered, as Australian laws dictate, and they should have had extensive experience with installing different kinds of security doors.

If you need a little guidance on which kind of security door is best for you, your installer should also be able to walk you through your options until you find the right one for you. Additionally, if they offer product options, their catalog should carry security doors from trusted brands in the industry. And they should also be able to map out a good maintenance plan for the door.