Is Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men Safe?

The industry of male hormone replacement therapy seemed to have hit rock bottom recently with all the scandals in professional sports. Companies that are specializing in the treatment of low testosterone, as well as other hormone deficiencies, with all the bad publicity in the media have triggered many people to question if the treatment is still safe and worth to be considered? For quite awhile now, leaders in the industry have been receiving so many calls about the safety of hormone replacement therapy for men.

In spite of all the scandals that has been, it is undeniable that many have benefited from the therapy, especially when it comes to the treatment of andropause or male menopause. Here are some of the most common symptoms associated with it.

– Fatigue

– Depression

– Sweating and hot flashes

– Poor memory and concentration

– Mood swings

– Lower male sex drive

– Muscle and joint aches


If you think that you are suffering from andropause, then you can confirm this and the diagnosis by having a blood test.

The public is more aware that menopause is experienced by women. It is only in this recent time that the term andropause has been introduced and getting a lot of attention as people are curious about it. One of the main causes of this condition is the low level of testosterone. This however, can be easily diagnosed with a blood test. Some of its symptoms are like those experienced when having a menopause for women- the reason why it’s also called male menopause.


Treating Andropause with Hormone Therapy

The use of hormone replacement therapy for men to treat andropause is considered to be safe as long as it is properly diagnosed and monitored regularly. The therapy can be in a form of testosterone replacements or creams. This is a safe method for the treatment of low testosterone deficiencies, which is the cause of andropause. There are other forms of treatments which may include thyroid and HGH or human growth hormone, as well as other supplements that are best for the individualized plan.


What to look for in Your Therapy Provider?

  1. Look for a therapy program that is specifically tailored to your specific needs.
  2. Make sure that your hormone program is under the supervision of a physician that is professionally trained in hormone deficiencies in men.
  3. Monitoring of hormone levels. The original test for andropause is just the first in the series of tests. Your blood should be tested periodically to make sure that your current program is highly optimized for your needs.
  4. Experience. The professionals that you are working with should have a solid track record. They should be telling you what they do and how it relates to your specific needs in an informative framework.

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