Swimming Pool Tiles: Ideas and Inspirations

If you are looking for ideas and inspirations for your swimming pool tiles remodeling project, then rest assured that there will be plenty out there. We must admit that tiles play an important role in our pools as they can them look more beautiful and even create some kind of drama. With a wide array of materials and designs to choose from, homeowners will never run out of options. They can always pick the ones they like based on designs, texture, sizes, and color.

What is more interesting is that there are varieties of pool tiles you can choose from in accordance to the elements in your pool. But before going into them, take a look at the benefits of pool tiles first.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Tiles

If you are thinking of remodeling and resurfacing your pool, then you will enjoy how tiles can offer you with a customized look.

  • Custom designs that will enhance your backyard and pool area. You opt to settle with one choice or mix and match if you want.
  • Comes in different sizes. You just have to be careful in choosing especially the smaller ones as there will be more grout lines.
  • Create vignettes. There is no need to restrict yourself from just having one look as there are elements to choose from. Tiles can help you achieve a “designer” look for your pool.
  • Retains finishes while you update your tiles. Are you not yet prepared to re-plaster, yet you want a new look? Ask help from contractors as they can replace your tiles while saving the pool finish.

Ideas for Every Pool Tile Type

Pool tiles can be of great use in different areas of the swimming pool. If you want to remodel your pool, be sure to keep these ideas in mind.

Waterline Tile- In most cases, this tile has a layer of 6” and located below the deck or coping. This type is usually the first element that you will see when looking at the pool. This type also gives you the chance to show off a great mix of tiles or a mosaic style to achieve a designer look.

Trim Tile- This one is often seen on the leading edge of benches and steps. It is often used for commercial pools and residential pools for dramatic accents. This type of tile has contrasting colors that makes it easier for people to see the edges of steps, thus adding a safety element aside from being beautiful to look at.

Spillway Tile- This is similar to waterline tile but you can vary this type for added accent.

Raised Bond Beams- When the wall of the pool is higher than its deck, this is called raised bond beams. The beam can be covered with stone, tile, manufactured or natural materials depending on the design of your pool.

If you are not sure about the right tile for your pool, you can do your own research or consult the experts in the field to understand its pros and cons.

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