The cost of the water jet cutting machine if mixed with abrasive materials

 Regardless of the price of the jet, the customer must take both the operating cost and the cost of the purchase into account. The ideal choice for all users is low cost equipment with high cutting quality and excellent performance.


Operating cost

The operating cost of the jet-water cutting machine includes the cost of abrasive material, electricity, spare parts and maintenance equipment.

The cost of abrasive material occupies a large part of the total operating cost. Therefore, when purchasing the cutting machine with the power of water push, we recommend choosing machines that consume a small amount of abrasive red agate to achieve the best cutting efficiency. TechniWaterjet cutting machines are equipped with a computerized control device to feed abrasive materials, which in turn ensures minimizing use.

Low cost of spare parts and maintenance are also important factors. Our products use spare parts that are characterized by a long period of use and high efficiency of use, thus helping users to achieve high quality cutting at the lowest cost. At the same time, usage guidelines and maintenance manuals are provided, as well as a video showing the maintenance and repair of the high pressure pump, allowing the user to learn more about our products, to ensure easy operation and maintenance, reduce equipment failures and reduce maintenance costs.

Cost of Purchase

We advise buyers to purchase water jet cutting machines that enjoy excellent performance and economical cost. Machines lose their competitive advantages in the market if their purchase cost is very high, regardless of high quality, cutting speed, and outstanding cutting performance.

The water-cutting machines can be obtained from Teenking at competitive prices without compromising the quality of the high-cut pieces, as a result of the use of the 5-axis die-cutting head.