The Most Common Applications for Drilling Rigs

Drilling rigs are essential in many applications and provide numerous benefits, making them an ideal solution when there are challenges that result in the inability to incorporate crane-driven piling driving machines. When in a typical situation, such type of equipment is more preferred by project managers especially that they are often faced with different situations that restrict usage of massive behemoths and should resort to alternative solutions. Below are some of the most common applications wherein a drill rig is needed and used.


Drilling Rigs Applications

Renovation of Existing Structures

Diesel hammer pile and massive crane drivers won’t access the basement of any existing structure without being cost prohibitive. Smaller types of rigs can afford the ability to numbly maneuver into a confined space. These rigs are usually equipped with detached power sources and rubber tracks in order to reduce damage to the existing slabs, as well as air pollution inside the building.


Adjacent or Existing Structures

When piles are needed on the new job site they are usually built adjacent to the existing structures. Diesel hammer pile drivers cause disruption to the earth as the file is driven into the ground. Such machines displace the earth and push rock and soil in lateral directions. This movement compromises the foundation of the structure of adjacent buildings, thus making them unstable. Using drill rigs to create a corridor for pile insertion will make them a workable solution.


Underground Cavities

A standard diesel hammer pile machine produces a downward force on the immediate area of the job site. As it is driven deep into the earth, the vibrations created become detrimental to the existing cavities such as caves, underground rivers, and sinkholes. Although these areas can exist without concern, they can be compromised with the massive blows happening to the earth.


Noise Threshold Limits

Building owners often want their new structures to be built in the most effective and efficient manner so the tenants can start paying rents that will serve as the revenue stream for building owners. As construction work is challenging, it becomes more difficult when there is a need to reduce the progress on the job site. There are some job sites however, that do not permit the use of machines that are too loud during construction.


Limited Adjacent Space

Managers of construction sites are usually faced with the challenge to build projects in a densely populated and busy areas like in the metropolitan. If they only have a choice, they would prefer to a development site in the rural or urban setting. Such project would require enough space for different needs, thus the need for the machine. Cranes that move large and heavy materials with minimal effort are more desired. But this may not be possible for the erection of a structure that is bordered by existing buildings. This is where drill rigs become the best alternative.

These are just a few applications where you can see the advantages of rigs used for drilling. Indeed, these rigs have changed how we do and accomplish things.