The Rotary Tower Method


Rotary Tower Method

When it comes to cargo and shipping, pallet wrapping with shrink wraps are the most preferred method. This packaging method ensures the stability of the products during transportation and shipment. Product damage will be avoided when they are kept stable and steady while being transported. Moreover, driver wreckage will also be avoided when everything in the delivery truck is stable. Pallets can be wrapped to products in several ways, and the rotary tower pallet wrapping machine is the most popular to use.

Here’s why:

Can Handle any Load Weight

The rotary tower wrapping machine is able to wrap pallets that other machines cannot. Other wrapping machines have load weight limit that they can’t wrap pallets exceeding their load capacity. The rotary tower has no limit when it comes to load and it can handle any weight load because its pallet load is not on the machine itself, but it is sitting on the floor.

Can Wrap Tall Loads

Other pallet wrappers can cause damage to tall loads, but not the rotary tower. This machine can wrap loads with up to 80 inches in height. With other wrapping machine models, light loads can fall apart. The rotary tower, on the other hand, can keep the load still and steady while wrapping. This machine also makes this machine ideal to wrap unstable loads, which are a problem for most other wrapping machines.

Three Types of Load:

Entry Level Equipment

The rotary tower machine also comes in an entry-level size, which is ideal for those who do not need a large one. The entry-level rotary tower wrapping machine is semi-automatic with 12 RPM. It is designed specifically to wrap smaller load sizes. This type of rotary tower machine has a maximum load size. It offers three choices for its frame types, namely: the cantilevered frame, the wall mounted frame, and the gantry frame.


Next to the entry level rotary tower can accommodate a bigger size with a higher RPM. It is a semi-automatic that operates at 14 RPM, with a maximum capacity of 56″x 56″x 80″H. This machine also comes in three frame-mounting choices.

The Fully-Loaded Version

The fully-loaded rotary tower is also a semi-automatic machine, which is ideal for wrapping heavy product loads. It runs at 15 RPM, moving faster and increasing your productivity. This fully loaded rotary tower machine can wrap large and heavy loads. This machine also comes in three frame options.


The rotary tower machine operates with a rotating arm, which is control, wrapping around the load. The machine wraps the load as tightly as possible in a shrink wrap, while the control arm rotates. Most brands features three wrapping cycles for this machine, which can be controlled by a keypad control panel. You can wrap the pallets in different ways, giving you an option that will keep your load wrapped prior to storage or shipping.

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