Tips for Improving the Quality of Results from Plasma Cutters

Having plasma cutters in your facility is among the most important investments that you can make for metal fabrication. These pieces of equipment are easy to use, provide excellent quality, and can be customised to fit your operations. And they can be made even better by a few simple steps. If you need help with that, consider the following.

Vet your methodologies

First and foremost, your operational conditions should be aimed at ensuring maximum potential efficiency, especially where they involve CNC cutting machines or other types of cutters. There are many things that you can tweak and manage so that you can achieve the best possible cut quality, at a faster pace, and for a longer time. One such example of these concerns the proper management of tips; your cutter’s tip should match the power settings that you intend to use so that kerf accuracy, extended lifespan, and clean cuts are not compromised.

Similarly, the distance between the cutting tip and the material should be such that the resulting cut is still clean and there is no wastage of material. Too close and your process stands at risk of double arcing, because of the friction between the tip and the material. Too far and cutting precision will get reduced.


Consult your manual

In addition to your methods, your manufacturer’s manual also plays an important role in ensuring the quality of results that you get out of your plasma cutters. This is why this important document should be consulted, for as long as you have and are operating the machine. Your manual holds information that is specific to the engineering of the cutter that you have, and this information will provide the guidance that you need to harness the full power of the machine.

Following your manual will also help preserve the warranty of the machine. Some manufacturers will nullify the existing product support if the machine suffers damage because of enacted measures that they did not specifically cover in their manuals.


Ensure proper servicing

Finally, commit to keeping the equipment in optimal condition throughout its lifespan by being proactive about its scheduled and predictive servicing and maintenance. Where you got your cnc plasma cutter in Australia is one of the best sources of information that you can go to, if you need help in designing a comprehensive maintenance programme. Also, there are authorised distributors of cutters who help take care of some aspects of the maintenance for their clients, so if you got yours through one, make sure to ask.