Waterjet Machine: Benefits and Applications

A waterjet machine is one of the most innovative technologies that can cut a wide range of industrial materials. The machine involves a high-stream of highly pressurized water that can cut materials from ceramics to titanium. This tool is great in terms of cutting materials that are usually difficult to cut with other instruments like blades or lasers.

Waterjets are often used in the manufacturing sectors to sculpt a very wide range of manufacturing materials. Therefore, given that they are used properly, they can prove to be a great addition to overall manufacturing process.



Using a waterjet machine will not interfere with the properties of the material that is being cut. Given this, the integrity of the material will not be affected. In addition, it will also result to accurate and perfect cuts, offering the flawless and refined edges. Therefore, aside from milling and drilling industries that make use of materials like glass and marble, almost all manufacturing and all other industries prefer the machine for intricate cutting.

Another significant benefit of using the machine is that it does not utilize any type of dangerous gas for operating. The technology is comfortable to use and very safe. Since there are no hazardous wastes produced, it is considered to be a very friendly device. It also provides a good working environment for the industry and the user.

Moreover, just a moderate amount of energy is needed to operate the machine. This tool indeed proves to be a highly energy-efficient. Upon using the technology, the user will experience the highest degrees of speed and accuracy in the process of manufacturing.


Applications and Operations

This cutting machine is normally used in different machine shops for intricate cutting of materials like rubber, stone, wood, carpet, and plastic. At times, waterjet is combined with other abrasive materials for getting a cleaner cut for specific applications in various industries. It is also used in the manufacturing and mining industries.

Other applications include aerospace industry, gasket and fabrication, even in automotive sectors. This proves that the equipment has high potential of functioning even in the kind of industries that are expecting demanding results.

Talking about the functions of the machine, this cutter is affixed to a high-pressure water pump. It is made possible through a nozzle of the pump that the water is ejected at high velocity, which enables the tool to effortlessly cut the materials. This tool utilizes almost half a gallon of water per minute, which can actually be recycled with the help of a closed loop system. Moreover, the cutting machine has the potential to cut materials that are even 18 inches thick.

If you are considering to use a cutting machine, knowing its functions and applications, as well as the benefits it can offer will help you make the most out of the machine and use it for a long time.