Your Guide to Understanding Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Melbourne

Many people in Melbourne have heard of testosterone replacement therapy, but not all of them exactly know what it is. This therapy has actually become one of the most used and highly searched term today. In fact, so many internet users, especially men have been sending Google their inquiries which shows their eagerness to know more about the term. Knowing what it is all about and how it can help is important for anyone who is considering to have this therapy. Below will serve as a guide to better understanding of it.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: What is It?

TRT is a variant of hormone replacement therapy. It specifically deals with testosterone. It also involves increasing the so-called T-level of men. This is made possible by applying testosterone to the bloodstream. The therapy is best for people who think that they have low testosterone levels. Although there is no specific number that will indicate abnormally low level of testosterone, the majority of doctors would agree that it can be considered normal when it ranges between 300 and 1,000nanograms/deciliter.

The Method of the Therapy

In Australia, there are multiple options for testosterone replacement therapy those who are deficient in testosterone. One of the popular option is oral therapy which involves pills and dissolving strips. On the other hand, many people choose to opt for topical application. This one involves creams, gels, etc. There are testosterone pellets as well that can be implanted to the person’s body. But the most common method for this therapy is injection. This directly introduces testosterone into the bloodstream.

Is This Therapy Important?

The symptoms that indicate low levels of testosterone can vary from mild to severe. For people who believe that they have the deficiency, it’s important to immediately consult with a physician and schedule a blood test. With this test, the doctor would be able to determine whether or not the person’s hormone level is a cause for concern. This will also help identify if the patient is fit to have the therapy.

Is It Safe for Everyone?

Typically, the therapy is a safe and simple process with very little to no side effects. But, for people who have symptoms or tendencies to have breast or prostate cancer, this is not recommended. This is because of the fact that the use of testosterone can stimulate the growth of cancer. Given this, it is a must that any potential candidate for the therapy should schedule a screening prior to having the therapy.

Being well-informed is very important if you are considering to have the therapy. You can research more information about it. if you know someone who has undergone the therapy, then you can also ask for recommendations.

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